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Fitness Blend - MCT & CBD

Fitness Blend - MCT & CBD


You train hard and you move fast. We have just what your body needs to achieve your strength and weight control goals. Our 500 mg 99% pure CBD enriched Organic MCT oil combines MCT's incredible benefits including that Medium Chan Triglycerides change the way your body metabolizes fat, urging your liver to create ketones to fuel your cells instead of forcing them to rely on the sugar from carbs. This can be extremely beneficial to the function of many of your bodies organs. Ketosis also increases the rate at which your body metabolized fats and can also aid in weight loss.

Now add Yerba Buenas all natural, non-psychoactive CBD and benefits including anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, analgesic and neuro-protective properties and your have an incredible combination to power you through and help you recover.

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MCT Oil, 500 MG CBD